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receive expertise and counsel from an expert in the university admissions process and make the right college decisions.

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The college application process is daunting, but those colleges are not out of reach.

DK College Counseling established by Diana Kauffmann in 2010 helps students and families throughout the college planning and application process. DK College Counseling offers the resources, capability, expertise and counsel to assist the students and their families to choose the “best fit” college!

Recently joined by her son, Kenneth C. Miller, both make a powerful team to fulfill their personal commitment to guide each student smoothly and skillfully throughout this interesting, daunting, and always, exciting process!

"Every time I went to Qta Palmira and was greeted by Allegra, the Golden Retriever, I immediately felt like I was at home. Diana and her co-workers are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. You are not just another student at DKCC, you are part of DKCC."

Andrés Pérez Soderi, Stanford Class of 2021

"I can say for a fact that without the help from Diana Kauffman’s counseling agency I would have not been able to get into the schools I did and accomplish my goals. I have known Diana for 10 years and I can say that she is an exceptional educator and professional that does not only know what she is doing but actually cares about her students."

Vicente Blat, Georgia Tech Class of 2020

Undergraduate image

Juniors and seniors


Provides juniors and seniors with an evaluation of the student's background in academic, personal and extracurricular areas, along with strategies for the numerous standardized tests that universities require. College list strategies, college application guidance, and interview prep are also included.

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5 hours

Essay guidance

The purpose of the Essay Guidance program is to make admissions officers notice the student’s essay and supplements by presenting a coherent, well written essay which casts a favorable light on the student’s achievements, intellectual strengths and potential.

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Full Academic Year

SAT and TOEFL Preparation

Intensive preparatory classes for both the SAT/ACT and the TOEFL Standardized Tests. The academic-year long program aims to prepare students for these often required tests. This program can greatly improve your score and hence also increase the chances of entering your dream university!

Diana Kauffmann, founder of DK College Counseling

A seasoned expert to get you through admissions

Diana enthusiastically believes in supporting children and teenagers and believes that knowledge is power, especially during the college admission process.

Her mission is to make the application submission task a less stressful process by providing all the necessary information and suggestions to the parents and the students.